Time Out Series Materials

If anyone has any of the floppies and manuals for the Time Out series, they would be greatly appreciated.  All manuals should be scanned at 300-600 DPI and be individual pages in the scans.  Disks can be in any normal floppy format such as DSK or 2MG

Update: Thanks to Mike Maginnis, we now have the following .2mg disk images of beagle timeout programs.  All others are still needed for the archive:

COMPANION.2mg AW3.0 Companion 1.4

Companion.Plus.2mg Companion Plus 1.1

DESKTOOLS.2mg TimeOut DeskTools 3.0

DESKTOOLS.II.2mg TimeOut DeskTools II 3.0

FILEMASTER.2mg TimeOut FileMaster

GRAPH.2mg TimeOut Graph

MACROEASE.2mg TimeOut MacroEase

OUTLINER.2mg Outliner for AppleWorks 3.0 v1.2.2

POINT.TO.POINT.2mg Point-to-Point

POWERPACK.2mg TimeOut PowerPack

REPORTWRITER.2mg TimeOut ReportWriter 3.0

SIDESPREAD.2mg TimeOut SideSpread

SPREADTOOLS.2mg TimeOut SpreadTools 3.0

SUPERFONTS.2mg TimeOut SuperFonts 3.0

TeleComm.2mg TimeOut TeleComm 1.2

TextTools.2mg TimeOut TextTools

THESAURUS.2mg TimeOut Thesaurus

ULTRAMACROS.2mg TimeOut UltraMacros 3.0

David Wheeless has donated the following disk images:

 toAfterWork v1.1.dsk

 toDesk Tools I v3.1.dsk

 toDesk Tools II v2.0.dsk

 toFileMaster v3.0.dsk

 toGrammar v1.0 D1.dsk

 toGrammar v1.0 D2.dsk



 toOutliner v1.2.dsk

 toPaint D1.dsk

 toPaint D2.dsk

 toPowerPack v2.0.dsk

 toQuickspell v1.6 D1.dsk

 toQuickspell v1.6 D2.dsk

 toReportwriter v2.52 D1.dsk

 toReportwriter v2.52 D2.dsk

 toSideSpread v3.0.dsk

 toSuperFonts v3.1 D1.dsk

 toSuperFonts v3.1 D2.dsk

 toSuperFonts v3.1 D3.dsk

 toSuperFonts v3.1 D4.dsk

 toSuperForms v1.04 D1.dsk

 toSuperForms v1.04 D2.dsk

 toTeleComm v1.2.dsk

 toThesaurus v2.0 D1.dsk

 toThesaurus v2.0 D2.dsk

 toUltraMacros v1.7 D1.dsk

 toUltraMacros v1.7 D2.dsk

 toUltraMacros v3.0 D1.dsk

 toUltraMacros v3.0 D2.dsk

 toUltraMacros v3.1 D1.dsk

 toUltraMacros v3.1 D2.dsk

Any other items in the Timeout series and versions of software are still needed for the archive.  If you have these other items, please contact us using the contact form.

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