Beagle Bros Bulletin v1 n0 Available for Download

Over the many years Beagle Bros produced their catalogs and bulletins, one bulletin in particular appeared in advertisements and anniversary pictures but seemingly did not exist. Now, thanks to Brian Wiser, we have that elusive Beagle Bros Bulletin v1 n0, Summer/Fall 1988. The only bulletin that actually features the full color logo of the Beagle Bros franchise, this Bulletin is another four page advertainment piece that reflects perfectly the style and tone of Beagle Bros of the 1980s.

Packed with all of the TimeOut series offerings, the Beagle Bros Bulletin v1 n0 shows all 11 TimeOut series offerings as well as the new Beagle Paint program. It also shows the changing of the times with the Beagle classics or the vintage Beagle Bros programs going on sale and with their numbers limited since by this time, they were being phased out in favor of the later TimeOut titles.

The authors at Beagle involved in the TimeOut series worked hard to make the tools handy and fit right into what everyone wanted originally from Appleworks. Those authors included: Alan Bird, Howard Bangerter, Randy Brandt, Glenn Clawson, Mark de Jong, Rob Restroom, Mark Simonsen and Dan Verkade.

The Bulletin is also filled with the usual silliness of graphics that is found in all of their offerings. After all, can it really be bad when Groucho Marx makes an appearance right along with the whole what is now classified as steampunk. While Appleworks is no longer the prevalent force with productivity suite programs, this bulletin is sure to warm the soul and let you enjoy a bit of fun with your word processors and spreadsheets. Be sure and check it out on the Catalogs page!

Author: Beagle Bros

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