Beagle Bros only produced one mainstream book. The Big Tip Book included many of the seemingly endless tips that Beagle Bros provided to their users through newsletters and manuals. The Big Tip Book was not only a useful product to programmers, but also had a number of tips for the novice users of the Apple II computer.

While most Beagle products were available exclusively for the Apple II, The Big Tip Book was also made in a Commodore 64 version. Both of these books are available below:

The Big Tip Book: Apple II series

Table of Contents

Preface ix
Environment 1
Keyboard 15
Memory Structure 21
Applesoft Tips 35
Memory and Speed 68
List Tips 73
Text Tips 83
A Few Bugs 94
Protection 97
Sound 106
Graphics 109
Integer (the Other BASIC) 127
Machine Language 133
Disks and DOS 144
Catalog 175
Apple II, II+, IIe, and IIc 188
Maintenance 193
Insignifica 198
Two Liners 216
Apple Commands 232
Peeks, Pokes and Pointers 234
Apple Colors and ASCII Values 236

Index 237
Download the PDF of The Big Tip Book here:

Download the PDF of The Big Tip Book here:

The Big Tip Book: Commodore 64/64C/128

Table of Contents

Preface vi
Getting Started 1
For Beginners Only: Inside Tips 11
Pointers for Beginners 27
Converting Programs to the 128 37
Basic Tricks 43
Screen and Text Graphics 53
Memory and Speed 61
Useful Applications 71
Protection 77
Advanced Programming Tricks 87
Machine Language 97
Disks and Drives 107
Audio and Video Communications 123
Printers and Printing Tips 131

Appendix A 64 and 128 Basic Commands 141
Appendix B Abbreviations for Basic Keywords 157
Appendix C Commodore Character Codes 163
Appendix D Escape Codes for the 128 169

Index 171