The Beagle Bros software catalogs came with most of the companies’ products and were a boon of information for the Apple II programmer and fan alike. Many of the tips that eventually wound up in The Big Tip Book were first seen either here in these catalogs or in Tip Books provided as part of some software manuals.

Beagle Bros catalogs also included a lot of the artwork which is seen in the graphics sections of our site. They entertained too, with funny captions in the art and tiny programs to make people curious. But the primary function of the catalogs was to entice users to buy more of their favorite company’s products. Most recently, thanks to Brian Wiser, we have that elusive Beagle Bros Bulletin v1 n0, Summer/Fall 1988. Their catalogs are provided for your viewing pleasure:

OneTwo5 Cent Sale
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0.11Fall / Winter 198919911.0