Over the nearly 20 years of the Beagle Bros Software Repository – the only officially-approved site for Beagle Bros products – a host of people have contributed their time, efforts, and materials to this wonderful resource. We have listed many of the people here who have donated over the years. If a contributor is missing from this list, please let us know.

Bill Bredehoft
Bill Martens
John Woodall
Warren Ernst
Mike Thyng
Brian Wiser
Bert Kersey
Mark Simonsen
Val Golding
Howard Bangerter
Paul Hagstrom
Marc Ressl
Neil Thayer
Guillaume Tello
Scott Green
Alan Bird
Randy Brandt
Mike Maginnis
David Wheeless
Daniel E. Wallace
Mark Munz
Tom Weishaar
Bill Buckels
George Karpel
Stavros Karatsoridis
Rick Hohler
Cristian Ramirez
Andrew Erickson
Egan Ford
Ken Gagne
Javier Rivera
Wyatt Wong
Roby Sherman

Sponsors of the Site

We always strive to make this site the best that we can. Those who have contributed monetary support to the site are listed below. Their contributions go to making this site even better:

Christian KentM.N.Anonymous
Bill KnightonElwin LLCJoshua Weier
Martin DohertyCraig JenningsRon Sicklebower
John SchulzJohn ToddThomas Compter
Bryan BlevinsYour Name HereYour Name Here

Design Credits

Our hearty thanks goes out to friend of the program, Steven Frank for inspiring the original, previous design of The Beagle Bros Software Repository website. His wonderful rendition of the Beagle Bros spirit with the Beagle Bros Museum have inspired many people to continue their legacy in full force.  We thank him for being one of the brave souls who tried to continue the legacy and pay homage to that which begot an entire industry of cool Apple II tools and programs. And as such, we have attempted to maintain that spirit here as well.

The 2021 redesign is by Bill Martens and Brian Wiser.