$7BC also known as the beginning of Beagle Bros – 1980. The history of Beagle Bros software is checkered with a number of luminaries who went on to become legends of the computing industry. Some of these folks include: Bert Kersey, Jack Cassidy, Alan Bird, Mark Simonsen, Randy Brandt, Tom Weishaar, Morgan Davis, and many others.

Original Beagle Bros owner Bert Kersey at Work in the Office circa 1984
(Photo courtesy of Tom Weishaar)

Beagle Bros was a multi-platform software company, yet 90% of their software was for the Apple II computer. In time, they expanded out to the Macintosh as well as the PC markets, yet these markets did not spell success for Beagle like the Apple II did.

Some of the Beagle Bros more popular 1980s titles were shining examples of what could be accomplished with the Apple II computer. Many programmers emulated what they saw in Beagle programs. Some learned on the fly as they were going, giving Beagle Bros the true 1980 style of a startup extraordinaire.

Beagle Bros began with a very humble beginning in the home of Bert Kersey in 1980 who, alongside his wife, ran the company until selling it to Mark Simonsen in 1985. Mark ran the company until it closed its doors in 1991, moving on to both WordPerfect Corporation as well as Novell in subsequent sales of the GS Works package to each of the companies.

Over the years, many Beagle Bros staff have been interviewed in a variety of computer publications globally. You can find several of these interviews below:

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