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The Beagle Bros website has now received its first complete make over since 2013. Originally created by Bill Martens in 2003, the Beagle Bros Software Repository has been the primary home of all of the Beagle Bros Software since that time. But then like almost everything on the Internet, things age badly, particularly when it comes to websites. So when our software became obsolete and unmaintained, we made a decision to change everything.

Built with the full blessing of Mark Simonsen, the owner of Beagle Bros and with the help with many of the original software authors, this website serves to provide the public with complete software packages originally produced by Beagle Bros.

Since 2008, Brian Wiser has been one of the biggest proponents of this website, and most of the art imagery, and many of the catalogs and manuals were provided by him.

The new Beagle Bros Software Repository website is the first major overhaul of the website since 2013 and was produced by Bill Martens and Brian Wiser. Much of the text based information was written by Bill with editing help from Brian. You will also find materials originating from many people from within the computing community including the original authors, hobbyists and programmers. These folks are mentioned on the credits page of the Beagle Bros Software Repository.

Note: This website has been produced by A.P.P.L.E..  All of the logos contained on this website are copyright of their owners and are provided here-in with permission.  All software items here-in have been declared as freeware by their copyright owners and as such, no guarantee is made concerning their use.  All copyrights of the software are retained by their original authors – this site exists through their kindness and generosity.

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