Vintage Software

This section contains all of the vintage software and manuals that made Beagle Bros a household name in all Apple II users homes and offices. Beagle Bros never protected their software, making it easy to copy and help users avoid disasters by having backups. They trusted people not to share their software, which made a tangible and positive impact on sales. Below are the original software offered by Beagle Bros which you are free to use to your heart’s content.

All of the files attached to the images of the covers are zipped files and include both the manual and floppies, unless otherwise specified.

Apple MechanicApple Mechanic TypefacesBeagle BASICBeagle Compiler
Beagle GraphicsD-CodeDiskQuikDOS Boss
Double TakeExtra-KFat CatFlex-Type
Frame-UpGPLEMinipix 1-3ProByter
ProntoDOSSilicon SaladTip Disk 1Triple-Dump
Utility CityAlpha PlotBig-UPower Print
Shape MechanicProgram Writer